Local Authority Councillors

VocalEyes: Community Voice for Local Councillors

Would you like to;

  • Raise your profile in community?
  • Be seen to be engaging and organising with local residents?
  • Engage more young people?
  • Better understand the priorities of your community and respond to public need?
  • Have an ongoing conversation with residents regarding their ever changing needs and priorities?
  • Harness crowdsourcing to help local residents co-create both local community plans and identify demand for projects?
  • Provide more evidence of need for initiatives that need funding?
  • Create links with active members of community?
  • Understand how online platforms and mobile apps can assist in this process?
  • Gain a better understanding of how digital technologies may change how people engage with politics in the future?
  • Do more to help and educate communities on how they can help themselves, especially in the light of budget cuts?

Find out more about how VocalEyes can improve communications and engagement with your community by filling in the enquiry form below.