Career Development

Cynthia Wong

Assistant Area Coordinator

Marie-Claire Mulaj

Administration & Finance Assistant

cynthia-wong-profile-pic“It is AMAZING to work in VocalEyes as I am faced with new challenges everyday and never get bored!”

Cynthia is currently helping with engagement of our geographic groups. Being fluent in Cantonese. Cynthia has also been assisting with recent contracts involving community engagement alongside international students at Cardiff University.

Experience gained: I am currently on my a year long placement in VocalEyes. In the first place the reason why VocalEyes attracted me was the slogan “Turn idea into Actions” which is such a powerful statement that I totally share the same point of view. I have learnt a lot of things since I started to work in VocalEyes, thanks to my bosses Peter and Sarah who taught me patiently whenever I needed.

I have gained a lot of practical experience that I could not learn in university such as engaging our stakeholders, writing web pages, setting up strategy for VE etc. On the other hand, it also enhanced my research skills and personal skills such as communication and teamwork. On VE basically every day we have new tasks, so it is never the same, which I found challenging but enjoyable at the same time. I truly am thankful that Peter gave me a chance to be a part of VE.

“The experience and skills gained at VE is making me a stronger candidate compared to others in my age group, which will definitely help a lot once I graduate from university.”


Maire-Claire Mulaj - profile pic“The experience in VE made me a more confident person and gave me a whole other, better view on what the ‘Business world’ looks like 

Being part of such a great team, will certainly help me in future jobs.”

Marie-Claire is assisting VocalEyes with all manor of administrative and financial tasks.

Experience Gained: 

I am currently on a 12-month placement at VocalEyes. Working here made me realise that I coutld do things I wasn’t quite sure I would be good at.

Working as an admin, you have a bigger responsiblity that people think you have and that is what I like about it. It really made me more aware, more focussed, more open and patient. I have improved my communicating skills, I have improved the way I do my research, the way I have to write reports, etc.. Which I had all learned in Uni, but this placement really helped me to be more practical and confident as I am dealing with real life experience right now.

I like what VocalEyes stands for, and I like the progress it is making. A part of my daily tasks, is to see how people interact with the website and with each other.

I am thankful for everything that I have learned so far through Peter and Sarah, I can definitely say that with this experience, I am more confident now in going back to uni and finalise my eduction. And also very excited for what will come after that.

Tom Pinnell, Jason Watkins, Jack Stokoe, Matt Foreman, Sam Griffiths, Scott Smith (Team 42)

Assistant Area Researchers & Coordinators

Team42 - profile pic - bw“The ability to connect interactively and efficiently with other members of the community was the first factor that attracted me to VocalEyes. After working with the business for the past 6 months and seeing the progress that’s been made, it has been a very enjoyable and helpful learning curve that has allowed me to develop my communication, problem solving and organisational skills as well as learning many more.

The skills, knowledge and experience I have gathered from this placement will no doubt help me in future jobs and I’m thankful to both Peter and Sarah for giving us this great opportunity.”

Sam Griffiths

“Team 42” on placement with VocalEyes as part of their Business Management Course at Swansea University. They’ve taken on the challenge of researching some of the priorities identified on the Swansea District group on VocalEyes with a view to helping progress them into action.

The team also helped increase the participation among students within their University. Throughout this project, the team looked to help students give their views on the University and give them a platform to express where they feel it could be improved.

“As a group of business and accountancy students, VocalEyes gave us the opportunity to further our skills gained throughout our studies and look to apply them in real world situations. I personally feel that this has been invaluable to my development throughout my course and putting my efforts into a cause like VocalEyes has been very rewarding.

The projects that VocalEyes are involved in are something that I particularly enjoyed working towards, and hopefully the efforts will further VocalEyes in the future.  I am very thankful for the opportunity presented to me by Peter and Sarah at VocalEyes as I feel with this project I have gained experience in many areas that I couldn’t have gained elsewhere.”

Tom Pinnell


Adam Collins

Office Administration and Funding Officer

Liam Callow

Web Development Assistant

IMG_0032 (1)“VocalEyes provided me with a plethora of opportunities to improve my commercial knowledge and experience, which pushed me out if my comfort zone and challenged me to develop new skills. I have a far better grasp of business skills as a result, helping me enter the legal profession.” 

Experience Gained: Insight into European funding, business planning and forecasting, diary management, office management and basic accounting.

Current Employment: I am currently studying my Graduate Diploma in Law.
“It was fantastic working at VocalEyes because the company is involved in so many interesting projects with so many interesting people. No two days were the same!”

be4b48d3-764c-4470-ba92-f5128a291331“It was great working for VocalEyes as I learned how to communicate as part of a team and how to manage my work load effectively.”

Experience Gained: Working on a website for the first time with VocalEyes I had no programming experience in Web Development but learned it all on the job with thanks to current employees working there (Ben, Spiro). Working at VE, I gained work management, source control, assigning tasks and most importantly working in a team on software.

Current Employment: I am currently working for a company called SPTS as a Software Engineer in C/C++, working in a team of experienced programmers (some with 20+ years).

 “Working in VocalEyes enabled me to get crucial experience working in a team towards and industry standard product.”

Megan Castleton

Client Support Assistant

Joshua Davey

Web Development and Client Support Assistant

pastedImage“Working at VocalEyes gave me the confidence to stand-out and project my ideas effectively. Whereas before, I would step back and shy away from a situation, now I confidentially hold my head high in a male dominated field. “

Experience Gained: Throughout my time at VE, I learnt how to apply the skills and qualifications gained in university to my professional career. Initially I found it challenging, as in university I felt I only learnt how to work toward given tasks and not in a practical and professional environment.

I also experienced working with VE’s clients, this not only gave me customer management skills but confidence in myself. Within my current role, I actively work with clients and attend conference calls, I could never have joined professional calls straight out of university, as I didn’t have the confidence. I also felt that in VE, I learnt how to critically analyse situations and other colleagues work. This skill has shone through in my current role.

Current Employment: Current employers are sponsoring me to study a management course for a higher profession.

“Having a work placement at VocalEyes allowed me to acquire the industry experience I desperately needed in a professional and friendly environment.”

Experience gained: Development oriented skills:

– Source Control
– Bug reporting
– Bootstrap
– JavaScript & JQuery
– Yii (MVC)
– UX Design

Additional skills: Communication (quite vague, but specifically with clients) & team working

Current Employment: Teacher of ICT & Comp Sci at Radyr Comprehensive

 “Various activities undertaken on my placement aided me in fulfilling my new role. As you would expect, having the experience to back up theoretical studies is a major part of teaching. For example, explaining HOW source control works in an organisation is considerably easier when drawing upon personal successes and failures.”