Our world is facing multiple crises – pandemics, climate change and loss of biodiversity. People have lost faith that our democratic process is working for them. We see dissent and polarisation all around us. The big challenge of our time is to bring us all together: our schools, our communities, local government and business to strengthen our relationships and regenerate our public spaces. It calls for systems change.

VocalEyes can harness digital tools and dialogic approaches to create an online participatory platform to mobilise for change. To push past old power structures and create a truly participatory democracy for all and expand our collective voice for action.

The VocalEyes platform is underpinned by our core values; it is designed to promote equality – to ensure all users have an equal chance to participate; to ensure respect for diversity of ideas and opinions to value and empower everyone. We believe that together we can build momentum to share our collective visions for change and mobilise for coordinated action. We aim to build awareness of the scale of the crisis facing us and the solutions available to us by generating consensus for action.

Let’s talk practical ­– When first engaging with the platform participants have the chance to tell each other what ideas they have for improving their school, community, local area and local business. It enables people to listen, understand and amplify their voices and in the process build trust through cooperation and collaboration.

The platform is designed to support pupil voice in the school, citizen voice in the local community and worker voice in the workplace. In this way it supports democratic participation in schools, workplaces, local government, community groups and businesses.  Every participant on the platform will have the chance to input their ideas, rate the ideas of others and prioritise ideas for action. All are invited to participate in putting prioritised ideas into action. This ensures the platform is more than a talking shop and is a means to mobilise for coordinated action for the benefit of all.

VocalEyes is a values-driven initiative and we are committed to giving all citizens opportunities to discuss their values and what values they think should underpin the actions they recommend for their school, their community, their business and local area.  

VocalEyes is committed to sustainable futures. Alongside our core values of rights, equality and participation is a commitment to further supporting schools, communities and business where sustainability goals are identified as priorities for action. We take seriously the injunction to Act Local whilst Together Globally and seek to make links between local actions and global priorities for a better future for all.

The VocalEyes platform creates opportunities for dialogue between people who bring diverse perspectives from the worlds of education, community, local government and business. The platform is designed to ensure participants feel safe, supported, valued, listened to and confident to share their ideas and opinions whilst keeping an open mind towards other ideas and opinions. Through using the platform participants gain confidence and skills and an enhanced sense of community, belonging, purpose and achievement as ideas are taken forward to coordinated action.

Through dialogue with others on the platform they will gain greater understanding of the contexts in which they are living and working at a local and global scale. Through collaborative action they can participate to improve the lives of people in their communities and influence decision makers in those communities.