Meet the Team

Peter Anderson

Founding Director & CEO

Sarah Hoss

Operations Director
Peter Anderson

Peter has a strong background in entrepreneurship founding both Buzinet Solutions in 2000 and Nautilus (a cafe-bar-restaurant) in 2003.

Buzinet employed a team of 10 IT professionals and generated a turnover of over £350k in its third year. Nautilus, a unique cafe, bar, restaurant situated in a prime location on the seafront in Pembrokeshire, turned over £450k in its first year and is still a successful and high-profile business.

Peter is now focused on innovating solutions to local democracy, decision making and crowd-sourcing in our groups, communities and workplaces.

sarah hoss - profile image - b-wSarah has spent most of her professional life working to better the lot of disadvantaged groups and is proud to say she has worked for the three major public service organisations in the UK: the NHS, the BBC and Public Education (FE/HE).

A natural communicator, Sarah nurtures the VocalEyes mission and has successfully introduced VocalEyes to many organisations along with developing and implementing training to ensure its success.

A qualified and experienced journalist, Sarah has a PGCE and is an enthusiastic exponent of Digital Democracy.

Spiro Stathakis

Technical Director

Melvyn Wallis

Non Exec Director: Corporate Relations
Spiro - profile picSpiro’s involvement with the VocalEyes project originates from the belief that existing democratic structures and institutions are out of touch with grass roots opinion and to some extent no longer work in the interests of citizens.

The ubiquity of networked aware technology can facilitate a communication process to bring people and communities together for a common cause or consensus that can gradually feed back up to policy making levels.

Melvyn has been a committed grass roots activist since the late 1960’s when he first engaged in the radical youth politics of that era and he is a committed democratic who firmly believes that the Internet and mobile telephony have the potential to radicalise the way individuals will, in the future, engage in decision making and the civic affairs of their local communities.

For many years Melvyn worked with tenants of inner city London council estates to campaign for improved housing conditions and better living standards and he knows all too well why it is necessary to build strong local groups if communities are to thrive, which is the principle reason why he so strongly supports the need for VocalEyes.

Dawn Davies

Company Secretary

Ben Matis

Lead GUI developer
Dawn Davies - Profile Pic - bwDawn Davies graduated with Honours in Enterprise from the University of Glamorgan. Following a career in finance, administration, sales and management in the private and third sector, Dawn went on to set up Creation Development at Blaengarw Workman’s Hall with a skeleton staff of 5 in 2000 and an annual turnover of £40,000. Creation Development now employs 36 people and has an annual turnover of £900,000.

In addition to initiating a broad spectrum of regeneration and community development programmes, Creation also provides a mentoring and support service to over 30 large and small community organisations. In 2007, Dawn was presented with the Mayor’s Special Award for Services to the Community.

In 2009, Creation won the UK British Urban Regeneration Association Award for Community Inspired Regeneration.

Ben Matis - Profile Pic 2 - bwBen is a self-taught website designer, web app developer trying to help wherever possible.

Learning new languages with ease, let it be programming, or in general other logical / technical systems, along with my attention to detail and analytical skills, multi-language interest and expertise, and, nonetheless, Ben’s sometimes extreme hunger for solutions got him through a couple of key positions mostly in support organisations of Mammut companies.

Ben’s motto has always been: nothing is impossible, everything is manageable!

Susan Rodaway

Swansea Rural Community Voice Project Manager

Holli Yeoman

Parent Voice Coordinator
Susan Rodaway, VocalEyes, Swansea Rural Community Voice Coordinator

I have been a Community Councillor in Pennard for almost 5 years now and I got very frustrated with sitting around a table having disagreements with my fellow councillors over what Pennard needed when nobody had asked the community what they felt they needed.

I believe democracy should happen from the grassroots up not the top level down. Everyone in the community should have the opportunity to have their say on matters that are important to them or that directly affect them.

If we get this right at a local level, there are no boundaries to what can be achieved. For me, this isn’t just about informing local representatives of priorities for their allocation of funding, this is about communities mobilising together to do great things.

Read more about Susan’s work in this interview and this blog post

Holli Yeoman, VocalEyes Parent Voice CoordinatorHolli is coordinating our work with a small number of schools to develop Parent Voice, where Head Teachers, staff teams and governing bodies would like to encourage parents to participate in creating ideas and actions to support their child’s school community.

Read more about the VocalEyes Parent Voice project in partnership with Parentkind here

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